• ₱4,000.00


1. Each print is open to three slots only.
2. No extra accessories available at the moment, like drool pads etc.
3. Open for Standard, Standler and Toddler Size only.
4. Open for Full Panelled and Amihan regular styles only. NO Sakbibi nor Onbuhimo for these prints.
5. Initial payment of Php 2000 per print. Payable within 48 hours from order placement.
6. Balance will be invoiced when the carrier is completed.
7. Each carrier is made-to-order. 2-4 days processing, and 1-3 days delivery time depending on location.
8. For designs with more than one colorway options, please fill out below form after placing your order:

9. SLOT PRICE indicated in the invoice basis is for Standard Size only. Modified Invoice will be sent upon indicating size. For Price basis, please see individual photos.