IMA's Features

1. Hood Attachment
   All our baby carriers come with flat hood attachment with decorative layer matching our decorative body panel. The flat hood has elastic cords which can be attached to our quick slip keepers to support your child's head while sleeping or napping. These flat hoods are attached to the baby carrier's body panel using snaps, and can be detached if not needed.

2. Leg Padding
The same 1" closed cell foam is being inserted to the leg opening to minimize marks and provide support to your child's legs/thighs.

3. Locked Stitched and X-box
Locked Stitched and/or narrow zigzag stitches were provided for the high stress areas on the webbing particuarly at the end of carrier straps, as this part will be pulled on and adjusted as you carry your child until you find your sweet spot.
   X-box is a stitching forming a box with an X at the middle to strengthen the connecting parts on the body and waist. 2.25" of the strap is being inserted into the panel, and 2" of the panel is being inserted into the waist strap.

4. Safety Elastic
A safety elastic is featured in the waist band. This elastic band will go around the male bucke as an added safety to the baby carrier just in case the main buckle releases unintentionally.  This safety elastic is not as supportive as the main buckle itself, but will buy you some time to secure the child and fix/fasten the buckle.

5. Stow Elastic
 The ends of all the webbings in the carrier have stow elastics, allowing you to roll in and secure the excess webbing and prevent these from hanging loosely.

6. Carrier Bag
Each carrier comes with a drawstring carrier bag which you can use when you want to stow away your baby carrier after use to keep unwanted dust away, or just want to conveniently carry your baby carrier when not in use.

7. D-rings on the Shoulder Straps
D-rings are provided on both shoulder straps for your baby's paci or binky or key or toy holder.

8. Pocket
   Pocket is being provided on the waist panel to hold small items like folded carrier bag when not in use, or small phones, or small items that can fit in it.