What Makes IMA's Baby Carriers

1. Hardware (Buckles, Ladder Locks, Strap Adjusters, Quick Slip Keepers, D-Rings)
    All weight supporting hardwares (Buckles & Ladder Locks) are safety tested in Japan by our supplier. They were tested in accordance with ASTM D76-99. The rest of our hardwares are from sourced and supplied by the same brand.

2. Fabric
   Bottom weight fabric used "Brushed Twill" are being used as the main structural layer for our baby carriers. The decorative panel is made using cotton fabrics. Our cotton fabrics are sourced from both abroad and from our trusted local suppliers in the Philippines. Sourcing locally allows us to offer our products at a much affordable price compared with other brands.

   We are also offering Wrap Conversion Baby Carriers. We use locally sourced Woven Wraps (Like QB, Kastle Handwovens, Payak Handwovens, Shadrach Collections, and Love,Renshel to name a few). We also offer Wrap Conversions from different imported wraps which we source abroad like Lennylamb, Oscha, Didymos, Diva Milano, Nona et al to name a few. And in order to maintain the integrity of these Wrap Conversions, we are still using the same bottom weight fabrics as our structural layer (inner layer). For Full Conversions, Brushed Twill is the hidden layer sandwiched between woven wraps in all weight bearing parts of the carrier, in order to be more supportive. For Half Conversion Carriers, Brushed Twill serves as the rear fabric for our carriers.

3. Foam
   For shoulder and leg padding, we use 1" thick high density foam sourced locally to maintain comfort for the wearer. For the waist padding, we use 12mm thick closed cell foam.

4. Webbing
   We are using Polypropylene webbings for all our straps.

5. Notions
Rugged Threads or Heavy Duty Threads were used in sewing for a much rigid stitching in our equally heavy duty sewing machine which are capable and meant for sewing leather and upholstery.