Sizing Guide

This Sizing Guide will help you choose the right carrier for you and your baby. The baby to be worn must meet this minimum recommendations.

Weight Capacity: 15lbs to 40lbs (7kg to 18kg)
Recommended Baby's Age: from 5 months to 24 months
Recommended Baby's minimum length: approx 70cm 

STANDLER: (term coined by IMA for the size between Standard and Toddler)
Weight Capacity: 20lbs to 45lbs (9kg to 20kg)
Recommended Baby's Age: usually for big babies above 15 mos to 30 mos.
Recommended Baby's minimum length: approx 80cm

Weight Capacity: 25lbs to 55lbs (11kg to 25kg)
Recommended Baby's Age: above 24 months
Recommended Baby's minimum length: approx 86cm

Weight Capacity: 30lbs to 66lbs (14kg to 30kg)
Recommended Baby's Age: above 30 months
Recommended Baby's minimum length: approx >3ft