About IMA

IMA - In My Arms ...

"IMA" in our Filipino Capampangan Dialect means "Mother".

IMA is a local brand for baby carriers that offers the functions, benefits, and security of Soft Structured Carriers at a much affordable price. We want babywearing to be affordable for all nanays and tatays, so they can experience its benefits and advantages - enjoying the things they love while wearing their babies! With IMA, we guarantee that each carrier is made with utmost love and care, the kind that our babies deserve. For every carrier we create, we always consider the safety of the baby, as if the baby is our own. We only make limited number of carriers for each batch, as we want to maintain the quality of each carrier we create. We do not mass produce, so that we can give appropriate time and attention for quality. Each of our carriers are personally and handmade with love by our Ima, my mother, who has been a seamstress for more than three decades now. Sewing has been her passion, her bread and butter since we were young. It was a talent she acquired from her own Ima, my grandma. And now that she is a grandma herself, and after trying other babycarriers with her "Apos", experiencing and witnessing the benefits of babywearing, we were inspired to create IMA...it's the most beautiful feeling...my baby, in my arms! :)

IMA has grown through the short time we have been in the industry. Now IMA products have grown too, from simple full panelled soft structured baby carriers, now we have our IMA Amihan (with mesh panel), IMA Onbuhimo (waistless buckled carriers), IMA Ringslings, even accessories like drool pads, reach straps, and bagelya to match our current carriers. Soon we will be launching our IMA Sakbibi (fully adjustbale buckled baby carriers). Thank you to our loyal supporters who has been with us since we started and braved the odds of our babywearing advocacy.

As a guarantee to our clients, our IMA Full Panelled Baby Carriers have passed the European Safety Standards for Soft Carriers EN 13209-2:2015. While the rest of our carriers have been load tested internally, and mommy tested.

Should you need support from our IMA Community, feel free to join our small community on Facebook. "IMA PROUD BABYWEARERS"

IMA Team